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I can't wait until your next post. I am working on my first norwegian sweater now.


This is a wonderful resource - I learned so much! I can't wait till your next post either!


Thanks so much for writing this, I've been wanted to do fair isle for a while but not sure how to go about doing it. I may give it a try now!


This is an excellent blog post! I'm going to link to in it my blog and add your URL the next time I update the little technique booklet on stranded color knitting I wrote.

I look forward to part II.


I bow down to your superior knowledge of stranded colourwork. I've tried the technique several times before, but needed a little refresher before getting into something bigger. This was perfect. Thanks!

Mary E Byers

I am a beginning knitter and am making a PLAIN baby sweater and when I get to the yoke it says knit 4 * work k st in horizontal strand getween sts k 1 repeat. could you help me with this? thanks

HVAC contractors

I want to learn how to knit baby clothes. I've got a Christmas baby and she'd be so pretty in a little red santa hat.


Well i have read about many people online that made stuff like this, I mean templates for blogs for a very cheap price, I guess that someone could make what you want if you don't have time, good luck

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