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great, exactly what I was lookin for. Thanks, I'll bookmark your blog at once!


Thank you for posting this blog. It is so helpful. I've been knitting for years, but as I was working on a lace project this evening, it suddenly occurred to me that I've been twisting my yarn-overs (even carefully twisting missed yarn-overs that I pick up later), and that this makes the YO smaller and interrupts the lines of the stitches, and was, well, probably incorrect. I was too lazy to go upstairs and look the question up in my reference books, and googling it led me to your blog. Not only did your instructions set me straight --and you're absolutely right about unclear YO instructions, as I thought I was supposed to bring the yarn to the front over the needle, which puts the leading leg in the back, and then knit or purl through the front leg on the following row -- but now I understand exactly what the different British instructions mean.

This pair of socks will be my last project with twisted YOs!


since you seem to know this sort of thing well I was wondering if you could clear up what a pattern might mean by "(yfwd)twice". It is : (yfwd, k1)twice, (yfwd)twice, k1...


Thanks for breaking down the whole yfwd, yrn, yon mess for me! I found your site from the Knitty Forums and I'm so glad I did. Yours is the clearest explanation I've come across. Thanks again!


Thank you! I just bought a Rowan pattern book and was perplexed by the whole "yfwd" thing. Thanks for explaining! I was afraid I wouldn't be able to continue with my project, but thanks to you, I can!

sof frankesntein

Thank you so much. In french we just have the word "jet´┐Ż". I don't see at first glance the difference between an english or american explanation... untill i stop asking myself : what's this????

Terri Lynn

Nice blog, I will be linking it on mine....thanks so much for your time and effort to do this great service to knitters!

zarah rudd


Please help. I am trying to knit a ladies jumper. In the first line of the pattern it says P1, *sk, k1, psso, yfwd, yrn, yon k2tog. I know what it all means but I just cannot work out how to do all the yfwd, yrn and yon all after one and other!!! I'm totally confused. Canm you help please.

Amber K.

OMG thank you! I'm going to be starting the Victoriana Top featured with yarn I purchased from Elann.com, and was superbly confused when one line in a stitch pattern read with both yfrn & yon in the same line. Rock!

Becky in Iowa :O)

TY These are the only instructions I've found that make any darn sense. Someone on a list was trying to explain the difference between a YO and a YFWD and how to do a YO before a purl stitch. All that kept coming to my head was WTF???? All looks the dang same to me. lol

Wendolyn Ramsbottom

Thank you, Miss Marple! ~_^

I am blessed to have found you, and your erudite explanations.

To Becky in IA, clean it up, hon, this is a knitting forum, not a pool hall.


THANK YOU for explaining this!!! I struggled for four hours last night trying to figure it out, you are a lifesaver!

ginger howard

This is really helpful. I have a sweater pattern, by a reputable designer, meant for beginners and it's been very chanllenging in terms of the fit; now I have to deal with the button placket and it's very different from most American patterns! Thanks again.


Dear Sara,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You've taken concepts that other resources I've tried have made impossibly confusing and made them crystal clear.

I'm knitting my very first project - a blanket for my first grandchild - and was beginning to think I might not get it to him until HIS first child was born.

If I were across the water I'd bake you some scones!

Marie Ippolito

Thank you I could not have followed this Bernat pattern without you, Sara.


I am just starting to learn to knit and this was very confusing to me. But thanks to your blog I understand it now. I can't thank you enough.


I want to thank you so very much for all the help you've inadvertently done. I've looked everywhere for this answer, and no one seemed to know that it was an intercontinental discrepancy... well, that's no matter now. I thank you for your help!



Oh thank you so much for these wonderfully simple explanations of the UK terms. I am writing a knitting pattern book and many of my old vintage patterns are from the UK and I have been so confused as I read them. I will add a link to your blog so my readers can also discover your talents.

tia from the D

Thank you! Thank you and thank you again.


i have been trying to figure out my pattern with a 'yfwd, k1' in it and this has completely turned on the light for me thank you!!!

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