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I'm Sara, and this is my explanations blog. I'm not going to talk about things going on in my life, and I'm probably not even going to talk a lot about things I personally am knitting, except as they happen to make good illustrations. What I am going to talk about is various things about knitting that I believe are confusing to a number of people, based on the fact that I have already explained them more than once. I've been told before that I explain things well, and that people are able to understand things after I've explained them even if previous explanations didn't make sense, and I hope readers of this blog will find that to be true.

I don't know that I'll update this every day, or even try to; I envision this as more of a "when I have something to say" blog. It may be that I'll find something to say pretty much every day, or then again it may be that I find something to say every now and then, and sometimes several somethings on the same day.

No, that picture isn't me; it's Margaret Rutherford as Agatha Christie's immortal Miss Marple.


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